The tribes of the Omo Valley

The tribes of the Omo Valley



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13 Days

This 13-day trip will take you on a discovery of the last Ethiopian tribes, who, up until a few decades ago, were unknown to the rest of the world, even to the central government.

Our guides will help you discover the traditions, cultures and lifestyles of Hamer, Karo, Mursi, and Konso, who will surprise you and sometimes, during an initiation party, will share their most secret and surprising rites.

Total Immersion in the heart of Ethiopia, one of the cradles of humanity.

This circuit is possible only by 4x4.

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  • Day 1: ADDIS ABABA

    - Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel
    - Lunch at the hotel
    - Visit the Babogaya Crater Lake  in Debrezeit
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel

  • Day 2: ARBA MINCH

    - Depart for Arba Minch
    - Visit the Paleolithic site Melka Kunture
    - Lunch en route
    - Overnight stay at the Forty Springs Hotel

  • Day 3: ARBA MINCH

    - Boat trip on Lake Chamo (hippos and crocodiles) and visit Nechisar park (zebras, antelopes)
    - Lunch in town
    - Visit the village Dorzé
    - Dinner and overnight at Forty Springs Hotel

  • Day 4: JINKA

    - Depart for Jinka
    - Market Tour Key Afer and meet the Béna and Tsemay tribes 
    - Lunch en route
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Jinka Resort

  • Day 5: JINKA

    - Visit Mago National Park and meet the Mursi tribe 
    - Picnic lunch
    - Visit Ethnographic Museum
    - Dinner and overnight at Jinka Resort

  • Day 6: TURMI

    - Depart for Turmi
    - Visit market Dimeka and meet the Béna tribe
    - Lunch en route
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Buska Lodge 

  • Day 7: TURMI

    - Departure to meet the Gnangatoms tribe, cross the Omo River
    - Picnic lunch
    - Meet the Karo tribe
    - Return to Turmi , meet the Hamer tribe and discover their Evangadi  dance
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Buska Lodge

  • Day 8: KONSO

    - Depart for Konso
    - Meet the Erbore tribe  and visit the village
    - Lunch en route
    - Meet the Konso tribe , visit their village and market
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Kanta Lodge

  • Day 9: YABELO

    - Depart for Yabello
    - Visit the Lake El Sod crater and "singing wells"
    - Lunch en route
    - Visit to a traditional dwelling
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Yabello motel

  • Day 10: YIRGALEM

    - Depart for Yirgalem
    - Meet the Borenas and Gudjis tribes
    - Lunch en route
    - Enjoy the hyena dinner coffee ceremony
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Aregash Lodge  

  • Day 11: LANGANO

    - Depart for AWASA
    - Visit Sidamo village
    - Visit the fish market of AWASA
    - Lunch in town
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel (Sabana or similar)


    - Visit Abijata Shala park
    - Departure for Addis
    - Lunch en route
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel

  • Day 13: ADDIS ABABA

    - Morning break at the hotel
    - Preparations for departure
    - Breakfast at the hotel
    - Visit the National Museum and the Holy Trinity Church
    - Shopping
    - Dinner in a traditional restaurant
    - Transfer to the airport

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4 people 1 790 €
6 people 1 750 €
8 people 1 590 €
Single room 215 €

Depending on the airline company you choose, you may be required to land in Addis Ababa the day before your tour departs and possibly leave the day after the tour ends. Summer Time Tour & Travel may, in accordance with your preferences, handle your stay from arrival in Ethiopia until departure . Accommodation and meals at the Hotel Normandie in Gelan, outside of the tour package, will naturally raise the amount of your personalized quote.

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