Trekking in the Simien

Trekking in the Simien



  • Nature
  • Trekking
  • Heritage


12 Days

For very experienced trekking lovers

This journey will introduce you to the Simien National Park which will amaze you as much with its spectacular scenery as with the abundance and variety of its fauna and flora

Along the hiking trails, you will discover many endemic species such as the Walia Ibex, fox, Gelada baboon and some 180 species of birds throughout magnificent landscapes.

You will be accompanied by a cook who will prepare all your meals

To ensure the transport of all necessary equipment and baggage, mules will accompany you while you travel. They will also be of great help in case of fatigue.

We recommend this tour from November to March during the dry season.

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  • Day 1: ADDIS ABABA

    - Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel
    - Breakfast at the hotel
    - Visit of the Mount Entoto with panoramic view of the city and visit of the Menelik II museum and palace
    - Lunch in town
    - Visit of the National Museum (Lucy skeleton)
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the totel

  • Day 2: Gondar / Simien

    - Flight to Gondar
    - Route through Simien Park
    - Lunch at the hotel
    - Preparation for trekking
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel 

  • Day 3: Simien (around 7 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to Sankaber
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 4: Simien (around 7 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to Geeche and discovery of the  Jinbar river falls
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 5: Simien (around 7 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to Cheneke and excursion to the summit of Imet Gogo at 3800m
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 6: Simien (around 9 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to Ambiko and discovery of the Boihitte Mount  4400m
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 7: Simien (about 10 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to the Mount Ras Dashen 4540m (starting at 3am)
    - Picnic lunch
    - Back to Ambiko
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 8: Simien (around 9 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to Sona
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 9: Simien (around 8 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to Mékarébya
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 10: Simien (around 7 hours of walking)

    - Trekking to Mulit
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 11: Simien (about 3 hours of walking) / Gondar

    - Trekking to Adi Arkay
    - Depart for Gondar
    - Lunch in town
    - Visit the castle and Fasilidas baths and the Debre Birhan Selassie church
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Goha Hotel

  • Day 12: ADDIS ABABA

    - Return flight for Addis Ababa
    - Lunch in town
    - Visit of the Merkato and the Holy Trinity Church
    - Dinner and overstay at the hotel

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Description After-tax price per person
per 2 persons 3 180 €
per 4 persons 2 130 €
per 6 persons 1 780 €
per 8 persons 1 550 €
single room 260 €
Two domestic flights rates are charged by Ethiopian, according to the international company chosen. An extra 100 euros only for those not traveling with Ethiopian Airlines for their arrival and return flights. 100 €

Depending on the airline company you choose, you may be required to land in Addis Ababa the day before your tour departs and possibly leave the day after the tour ends. Summer Time Tour & Travel may, in accordance with your preferences, handle your stay from arrival in Ethiopia until departure . Accommodation and meals at the Hotel Normandie in Gelan, outside of the tour package, will naturally raise the amount of your personalized quote.

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