Humanitarian project and trekking to Goza - Gurague Country

Humanitarian project and trekking to Goza - Gurague Country



  • Responsible Tourism
  • Trekking


10 days

The trip in Gurague country in the heart of nature, allows moderately trained walkers to visit a beautiful area and share the lives of the inhabitants.

It also contributes to financing the start-up of a small school that will educate a hundred children in good conditions.

Throughout your stay, you will be accompanied by cook in charge of preparing you meals.

We recommend that you stay from November to March, during the dry season.

Origin of the solidarity tour

This program was initiated by one of our drivers, Ketema, during a trip to his region with a French family who adopted Ethiopian children.

Ketema is from Goza in Gurague country, a village where many families live with little means. Children are barely educated due to a lack of schools and receive a very basic education (95 children aged 4-15 years with one teacher paid 300 Birr per month or fifteen euros), with a hundred children crammed into one unsanitary room no door, no windows, no toilets...

Project and Financing

Ketema’s project is to build five classrooms, with a traditional cafeteria, toilets and a sink for water so as to :

  • promote a normal education for the children (twenty per class of about 30m²),
  • Give them one hot meal per day,
  • Toilets and water to ensure minimal hygiene conditions.

The investment is estimated to be around Birr 250,000 (€11,000)
 Operating expenses, when 5 classes are operational, will be:

5 teachers x 1,000 Birr / month 5,000 Birr / month
100 meals x 25 days x 8 Birr / meal 20,000 Birr / month
1 cleaning woman, 1 cook and 1 nurse    2,500 Birr / month
miscellaneous expenses - maintenance / hygiene 2,500 Birr / month
TOTAL = 30,000 Birr/month 
approximately €1,250 / month

Funding for this project will be made possible through your trip and, if possible, through the participation of travelers who come to visit the area, make treks, etc...

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  • Day 1: ADDIS ABABA

    - Reception at the airport and transfer to the hotel
    - Breakfast at the hotel
    - Visit Babogaya Crater Lake Debrezeit
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel

  • Day 2: Goza (about 1 hour of trekking)

    - Depart for Goza
    - Lunch en route
    - Small trekking to go to the village of Goza.
    - Overnight camping

  • Day 3: Goza (about 7 hours of trekking or horse back riding)

    - Trekking around Goza to the top of Mount Geda
    - Visit school Goza - humanitarian project
    Desta - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 4: Goza (about 7 hours of trekking or horse back riding)

    - Trekking around Goza
    - Visit Assar Giorgis Church
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 5: Goza (about 7 hours of trekking or horse back riding)

    - Trekking to Geja
    - Visit Hadya town
    - Picnic lunch
    - Visit Market (Thursday)
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 6: Goza (about 7 hours of trekking or horse back riding)

    - Trekking around Goza
    - Visit Assar Giorgis Church
    - Picnic lunch
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 7: KOSSAY

    - Trekking to Kossay
    - Picnic lunch
    - Visit town and Market (Saturday) 
    - Dinner and overnight camping

  • Day 8: WALISO

    - Depart for WALISO
    - Lunch en route
    - Afternoon relaxation (hot pool)
    - Dinner and overnight at Negash Lodge


    - Depart for Addis Abeba
    - Visit the Wenchi Crater (about 2 hours walking or on mule)
    - Lunch en route
    - Dinner and overnight stay at the Hotel

  • Day 10: ADDIS ABABA

    - Morning break at the hotel
    - Preparations for departure
    - Breakfast at the hotel
    - Visit the National Museum and the Holy Trinity Church
    - Shopping
    - Dinner in a traditional restaurant
    - Transfer to the airport

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Description After-tax price per person
per 2 persons 1 690 €
per 4 persons 1 190 €
per 6 persons 990 €
per 8 persons 890 €
single room 100 €
This price includes a participation of 100 euros funded equally by Summer Time Tour & Travel and the traveler who will be paid for the running costs of the DESTA school project. 100 €

Depending on the airline company you choose, you may be required to land in Addis Ababa the day before your tour departs and possibly leave the day after the tour ends. Summer Time Tour & Travel may, in accordance with your preferences, handle your stay from arrival in Ethiopia until departure . Accommodation and meals at the Hotel Normandie in Gelan, outside of the tour package, will naturally raise the amount of your personalized quote.

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