The Omo River Valley

The Omo River Valley


Nature with a capital N

Located in southwestern Ethiopia, the Omo Valley is a region with vast natural resources and three of the country’s main national parks :

  • Omo National Park (or Mui Park),
  • Nechisar National Park,
  • Mago National Park.

Its 4,068 km² of unspoiled nature house a considerable quantity of animal and plant species.

The tribal peoples of Omo: unforgettable encounters.

The Omo Valley looks like no other site in the world given its diversity of peoples who have resided here for many millennia. The peoples of the Omo Valley are organized and practice their own native rituals.

In the various itineraries proposed by SummerTime Tour and Travel, our travel agency specialized in Ethiopian tourism, you can head out to meet these native peoples:

  • Bena
  • Dorzes
  • Gnangatoms
  • Hammers
  • Karo
  • Konso
  • Mursi
  • Tsemay
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