Ethiopia: A country with exceptional heritage sites

Welcome to a country with an exceptional historical and cultural heritage.

With its wide geographic and sociological diversity as well as its extensive flora and fauna, Ethiopia is sure to surprise and thrill tourists. From the monolithic churches of Lalibela and the Tigray River to the majestic landscapes of the Simien and Bale ranges, this country offers as many heritage and natural sites as there are conceivable types of tourism to discover them.

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The team

The managers are French and have built a high-quality team of tourism guides and professionals in developing prepared itineraries or custom tours to suit your preferences. The Summer Time Tour & Travel tour operator has entered into a venture with the local company YGF, which upon your arrival will accommodate you in a 3-or-4-star hotel and provide transport during your stay in the capital.

Its certified teams, composed of bilingual or trilingual professional guides and drivers with perfect knowledge of the country and its tourist sites, will offer you high-quality service and guarantee from the outset an unforgettable stay living a truly exceptional experience.

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Facilities and infrastructure

Traveling with Summer Time Tour & Travel is the guarantee of touring in reliable vehicles driven by experienced drivers.

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The company

Summer Time Tour and Travel is:

  • Member of the "Ethiopian Tour Operators Association",
  • Licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
  • Partner of the company Ethiopian Airlines,
  • Partner of several travel agencies.
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